About Commit Berlin

Commit Berlin is a non-profit organization locally and globally committed to political education and interpersonal and intercultural exchange. Currently, our work focuses on issues like colonialism, eurocentrism, racism and whiteness in the context of development cooperation. Commit Berlin aims to contribute to a critical public discussion of development cooperation and everyday racism in Germany. Based on this discussion, Commit Berlin developes and organizes in cooperation with partner organizations alternative concepts for exchange programs at home and abroad.

Organization of the Association

In December 2005, Commit Berlin was founded as "Commit to Partnership Berlin e.V." by a group of students. Since January 2006, the association is registered and recognized as charitable.

In order to pursue our goals we have given us a structure that makes it possible to work effectively and to provide individuals a space for own ideas and initiatives. Formally, there is a board of three members.

Biweekly organizational meetings are held, which are always open to anyone interested. The work of the various working groups is coordinated and planned here.

We do not want strict hierarchies. We want the entire work of Commit Berlin accessible to anyone. Working groups and committee meetings are open to all and protocols are provided. Each member can participate in all major decisions of the association!

Here you can find the bylaws of Commit Berlin (in German).