We do rely on donations both for our work in Germany and to carry out projects abroad!

Commit Deutschland is no umbrella association but an informal network of local organisations. 

For this reason donations can only be made to any of the local groups.





Donations, both money and in-kind, support Commit’s work and enable us to realise our plans.

Donation receipts are required from the tax office to verify any donations made from 

€100 onwards (the so called ‘Zuwendungsbestaetigung’). Please quote your address 

so that we can automatically write out a receipt to you.

A copy of your bank statement will suffice for any donations up to €100. 

We do write out a receipt though if you so wish.

Commit supports charitable and non-profit purposes approved as particularly worthy, 

for global development and international understanding. We are therefore entitled 

subject to §50 Abs. 1 EstDV to write out donation receipts.